For ten years Don Kelly has been servicing the Australian market as, for advanced blood analysis of athletes and others wanting to improve their performance.  Now, athletes all over the world will be able to take advantage of this vital service.  Whether you have your own blood test results to send in, or if you are in Australia, this can be arranged for you.

You don't have to rely on the broscience on the forums anymore, you can get the facts on your health from an experienced operator with the proper academic training combined with the unique experience of specializing in this area for many years.

The process is simple:

1. If you are in Australia and need blood analysis, you will receive by email a form to take to your local pathology provider, and assistance in a teleconference will be given to determine what to test.  Then after a 12 hour fast, you take the form in, pay for the tests required, and then results will be sent to me a day or two later.  I will pass them on, and then another teleconference for the results explanation and most importanatly, recommendations.

2. If you already have blood test results, simply email with a rundown about yourself, and explanations and recommendations can be done via email.

Don't rely on guess work when it comes to your health, it's too important.